Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Seedheads and dried flowers

I have had seedheads and flowers drying in the garage for several weeks. I thought it was probably time I did something with them, especially as I had earmarked some for Christmas decorations.

The Anaphalis triplinervis has gone into a new pink jug.

These Nigella seedheads are a nice creamy colour....

.... I also like them sprayed silver for Christmas. The other seedheads are Poppy and Dill.

Some of the Nigella seed has been saved for sowing at the Environmental Centre next spring.


Winter Solstice today. Nights will start to get shorter (not that we will notice for a while)


  1. What a clever idea! They are beautiful.

  2. A lovely post with great ideas to try. The waxwing tree must have been an amazing sight. We saw lots of these birds in a supermarket car park!