Monday, 28 February 2011

Flowers In The House Monday

Today is Flowers In The House Monday.  I don't have flowers to pick from the garden at the moment but I do like to have a jug of something of the kitchen sink. I bought these Cornish Daffodils from the supermarket. As you can see Fridays lovely weather hasn't lasted.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Working in the garden

Corylus contorta
At last, a sunny warm day and a chance to work in the garden. The soil is very wet so I worked along the edge of the paths. Sadly both of the Osterospurmums jocundums have succumbed to the winter weather.
I was surprised to see the two lavenders seem to be thriving, I did not think they would survive.

I took this photograph after clearing various seedlings and grass. I grew a lot of my cut flowers along this path last summer.

Speaking of cut flowers, I picked a stem of Hellebore but it had flopped over after a couple of days. I cut off the flowerheads and floated them in water.
Hellebore orientalis

Sunday, 6 February 2011

In the garden

The Spring flowers have really grown over the past week.


The warmer weather has encouraged the Viburnum fragrans to flower again.
Viburnum fragrans

The 'Catkins' on Corylus avellana are looking good.
My sister gave me some flowers this week.
The arrangement contained one stem of an Alstroemeria which was so pretty I put it into a vase on its own

The vase is one of my newest, it came from a charity shop and cost £1.