Sunday, 6 February 2011

In the garden

The Spring flowers have really grown over the past week.


The warmer weather has encouraged the Viburnum fragrans to flower again.
Viburnum fragrans

The 'Catkins' on Corylus avellana are looking good.
My sister gave me some flowers this week.
The arrangement contained one stem of an Alstroemeria which was so pretty I put it into a vase on its own

The vase is one of my newest, it came from a charity shop and cost £1.


  1. Well,aren't you warmer than we are?

    All we have are the beginnings of snowdrops.

    Everything looks springy and hopeful and beautiful in your garden.

    Thanks for the message of hope.
    xo jane

  2. I have been out in the garden too. But it is all looking a little sad.I can't wait till things start to pop up.Enjoy your garden Lesley.

  3. it was good to see the garden at last!
    we will be out planting this afternoon (the sun is coming out!) and have big new plans for our small garden!

  4. Jane and Lesley, Thanks for your comments.

    laoi, hope the plants made it to your garden in one piece.

  5. Great pictures Gill, we have planted the plants you gave us and now are waiting anxiously to start the work on the new features and layout we want. Oh and I have even started a blog!!

  6. I must be doing something wrong, despite having had a good show in the past my snowdrops have been very few in number this year.