Monday, 7 March 2011

A winter home for Ladybirds and cut flowers

While at a garden show last summer, I came across a stand for 'Buglife' a charity devoted to the conservation of  invertebrates. They had a DIY bug house made a drainpipe inserted with hollow stems. I had been meaning to sort out a bughouse so I picked up a leaflet. I didn't get round to it for ages then decided it was too late to place it so it stayed in a cupboard.
While picking seedheads for Christmas decorations I came across 3 ladybirds underneath an Echinacea. I dug out the bughouse, hung it on an evergreen shrub for shelter and placed the ladybirds inside. 
I noticed that some of the stems (which I gathered from around the garden) had been sealed up.I hoped  something was having a comfortable winter. I remember that one of the ladybirds I found matched the description of this one. I hope its the same one. I will be making another bughouse later in the year but I will hang it before the bad weather arrives.
 The Daffodils I photographed for Flowers in the Home Monday finally opened midweek. The flowers are hanging down with the weight of the petals. I wondered if one of the blooms would float in the round 'goldfish' bowl. I think it looks great.
 I also bought some Narcissus 'Paperwhite'. They fill the kitchen with a lovely scent. These have now taken the place of the yellow daffodils above (apart from the one in the bowl which still looks good)


  1. Lovely post to see first thing in the morning.

    Enjoy your sweetly scented day.

    xo jane

  2. Never thought of a bug house. Do they need it year round, or only in the winter. Might have a go of one myself.

  3. Jane, thank you.

    Webb, I originally made it for winter shelter but I understand some bees nest in them. I'll see how it develops over the year.