Monday, 26 September 2011

Flowers in the House

Jane is kindly hosting Flowers in the House today.

This the jug of flowers from last weeks blog. My north facing kitchen no longer gets any sun; the flowers are lasting much longer. My kitchen only gets early morning sun for about three months a year but I didn't think it would make so much difference.

Also on the windowsill are these leaves, berries and hips. They are in a glycerine solution to preserve them. The oak leaves are some I found after the wind last week. A lot of the leaves were too dry but these are taking up the solution. The Rowan leaves are from the tree in my garden. I have no idea how the berries and rose hips will turn out.

This is a hoop I made from oak leaves preserved in glycerine last year. It has lasted really well, I shall be hanging it again this year.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mid September

I have spent several pleasant hours in the garden this afternoon. I hadn't planned to do any work today but the weather was warmer and drier than forecast so I thought I would make the most of it.

Last week I wrote about changing this border. I had removed a couple of roses and cut back the clematis. The remains of Hurricane Katrina flattened the sweet peas. They are leaning against the fence on the right.

I've removed the sweet peas.The honeysuckle and virginia creeper had grown too big so they have been cut back and some pieces of root removed. I have reduced the height of the daisies which I'll be moving later. It look a bit sad but I will be sowing hardy annuals next week.

I'm still picking flowers for the house, although I don't think there will be many more. The white cosmos has been pulled out. The clary has been deadheaded for its seeds, this has made it flower again. The mint has been in the jug for about three weeks; it now has roots.

The last of the sweet peas and asters.

Lupinus 'Pink Fairy'. A small lupin type flower with a powerful scent. I bought the seed from Sarah Raven. It was difficult to propagate and has struggled in the dry border. I have left it to set seed and I'll give it another try next year.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Preparing for 2012

This area is the sunniest part of the garden. It cannot be seen from the house so feels very private and hidden. I always wanted it to be surrounded by flowers but have always struggled with the bed in front of the hedge which is so dry.  I am making some changes by putting in another small path for easier access with a pot of mint at the end. I am replacing the planting with drought tolerant planting.

The bed by the fence has been cleared of the roses 'White Gold' and 'Aloha', these have both been very disappointing. The sweet peas have done really well, they are coming to an end and will be removed soon. I am going to sow some hardy annuals for some early flowers next year.

Back to this year. These scabious are very close in colour to Aster 'Little Carlow'. One of them will have a new home.

Cosmos 'Dazzler' has done really well, better than 'Purity' which I planted in the dry border.

 These are asters bought in the supermarket. Possibly something to grow next year.

The last of the Nigella seedheads.

Some of you might be interested in my other new blog called 'Cotton and Roses'. I am making and selling bunting, hearts and other cotton decorative items which will be available in my Etsy shop soon. The blog is charting my progress.