Monday, 23 January 2012

Flowers in the House

Jane is hosting the first anniversary of Flowers in the House.

I have a jug of Rhodanthe manglesii 'Timeless Rose' grown from seed last summer.

They were easy to grow and the slugs weren't interested. Even in the garden the flowers feel papery. I grew them next to the path and cut far more than I expected. I think I had about 8 plants.

I dried them in the garage along with Alchemilla mollis, Poppy and Nigella seed heads and Mint.


  1. From a distance, Virginia to be exact, you would think these were fresh flowers.

    Pretty sweet that you grew/dried them yourself.

    Thanks for joining in.

    xo Jane

  2. That's amazing--they look great!

  3. Hi,

    They're very pretty indeed!

  4. Wow !

    These are dried flowers ?

    They look so fresh !

  5. Amazing - I'd never have thought these were dried! Beautiful bouquet, so airy and delicate!

  6. Nice post!
    There are not many small gardens, and even less blogs about them.

    Here a couple of links to my own in the Caribbean.

    Good luck in your projects!