Sunday, 16 May 2010

In my garden

I haven't spent much time in the garden lately. The weather has been cold and blustery with at least one day feeling more like autumn. We have had the coldest May nights for ten years.

The past couple of days have seen the weather become less cold and with some sun. It's much more pleasant, and I have been able to catch up.

The grass was cut for the first time in about three weeks, some weeding was done, seedlings potted up, clematis tied up. 

I have some 'Thalia' narcissi in pots. They were a late purchase after I read about them in a magazine. I am really glad I bought them. They have a delicate white flower with a lovely scent.

Today I caught up with the front garden. Linaria purpurea and Aquilegia have seeded too much so they came out. In their place Eschscholzia 'Purple Gleam' which I have grown from seed, and a geranium sanguineum which may be 'Max Frei'. 

Despite the chilly weather the spring plants are looking good. One of my new plants is Epimedium  youngianum 'Niveum' which has been on my must have list for a while. Unfortunately, it was wrongly labelled. Thankfully, it is still a beautiful plant, with deep pink flowers.

Three baby sparrows visited the bird table with their Mother this week.  
The weather forecast for this week is for increasingly warmer weather and sun. Thank goodness.


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