Tuesday, 1 June 2010

In my garden

The weather has been very changeable lately. After the cold snap at the start of the month, there was a heatwave 21-24 May with temperatures reaching 27 degrees c. The temperatures fell back down 10 degrees or more with some chilly nights. It's raining today and not very warm. Summer is scheduled to return tomorrow (according to the weather forecast)

I seem to have a garden full of Aquilegias and Alchemilla. I do love both these plants but I have pulled a lot out to make room for other plants. The Aquilegias are in flower so I cut them off and placed them in a vase. They lasted over a week so I am adding them to my cut flower list.

I have been allocating space along the side of paths for the cut flowers.

I've cleared most of the plants from this area but I don't want to move these until autumn. 

I already have Roses and Penstemons alongside the new brick path. The Alchemilla in the bottom right corner has now been removed.

We now have 4 baby Great Tits to add to the Sparrow family. No sign of Robins or Blackbirds yet.

A very untidy looking parent. All the birds love these fat cakes.

Baby Great Tit waiting for food


  1. I love gardening so will enjoy watching your come along. It looks lovely already.
    I am busy getting my ready for this years open garden which is for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
    I only have a small garden but people love it because I do cream teas and my wonderful friend val comes with her group Chalice and sings. So like hope it is sunny on that weekend (19th and 20th June)
    Enjoy your garden. x

  2. Your garden is lovely! It has been a good year for Aquilegias and Alchemilla in my garden too although they do want to take over.