Sunday, 27 June 2010

In my garden

The weather continues to be very hot - mid to high twenties celsius. No rain.

I haven't done much in the garden as it has been so hot - mostly weeding and deadheading. After reading a couple of magazine articles, I have pinched out the tops of a couple of asters. They don't have any buds forming yet so this should stop them growing any taller but they should grow lower down. Hopefully, they should not (or be less likely to) flop over.

Looking around my garden for space for cut flowers has made me look at it with new eyes. One area that needs some attention is the bench. It is underplanted with Alchemilla erythropoda and has Rosa 'Gertrude Jekyll' behind it. To the left is Sambucus 'Black Beauty' which is now too big for the space. It all looks a bit overgrown and untidy. I think I will grow the rose as a climber, push the bench further back and use more leftover bricks to make a hard surface in front of it. The sambucus will have to come out.

I am pleased with so much in the garden. One of my favourite plant combinations is Salvia nemerosa 'Amethyst' and Stipa tenuissima (picture above). I originally bought the salvia a couple of years ago but it succumbed to the winter weather of 2008/09. I didn't get round to replacing it until recently as it is so difficult to find. The Stipa was dug up from seedlings in my neighbours garden, I now leave it to seed around mine.

I don't grow any fruit and vegetables apart from this blackcurrant. I love blackcurrant jam but it is hard to find the fruit on sale. It was planted last year so I have my fingers crossed for enough fruit for a batch of jam this year.

The roses are all in flower, including the two new ones I bought for cutting. 'English Miss' is a rose I bought from a local greengrocer. It smells heavenly, and the foliage is a nice dark green. I really like it. The vase was a recent purchase from a charity shop, it only cost £2.

As I have written before, there is a lot of Alchemilla mollis in the garden. It makes a nice cut flower on its own. Some of the sprigs in the jug have been there for a couple of weeks. I added a bit more, the only difference is the freshly picked is slightly brighter.


  1. It's curious how we have a couple of weeks with temperatures in the 70s, and we think that it's been an amazing Summer; and now we want some rain. There are some gardening blogs from other countries, where temperatures are in the 90s, and they expect it to last for weeks on end.

    It's an ideal opportunity to take it easy.

    Not growing any vegetables is also a very sensible idea.

  2. I never thought about Alchemilla mollis as a flower for cutting before, I am off to pick a bunch now!

  3. Im loving that combination of the Salvia nemerosa 'Amethyst' and Stipa tenuissima, well done.

  4. Your black beauty Sambucus looks fine in the photo you have taken, but I trust that if I was there I might agree with you that it looks a bit untidy.
    I like you plan to add a hard surface in front of the bench. I think it will make more people inclined to sit there if it is not engulfed in garden flowers. What about adding something that would give the bench a little bit of light shade?
    Your arrangements are lovely.

  5. Thank you all for your comments

  6. A garden should be rather small
    or it's no fun at all

    Even the pitcher garden with the Alchemilla is if not enough so at least very pleasent.

    But a park can be a bit bigger...

    Have anice week!