Friday, 18 June 2010

Cutting Garden

Nearly all the seedlings have been planted. I have dotted them around although I cleared a space next to the brick path.

The plants have been in pots too long, the Ammi and Nicotiana look a bit sad but they should recover. I got a bit carried away when I pricked out the seeds and did too many. Still, I have taken some to my volunteer garden, larkspur to mum's garden, and a few have gone in the front garden.

The 'English Miss' and 'White Gold' Roses have buds that are almost open.

At the moment I am picking odd stems of perennial, enough to make a jug for my kitchen windowsill which is my favourite place for cut flowers. Although the kitchen overlooks the garden, there is nothing like having fresh flowers by you when you tackle the washing up.

 The jug contains Alchemilla, Nepeta, Astrantia, Verbena, Roses 'Felicia' and 'Gertrude Jekyll' and Nemesia 'Confetti'. I also added some green Aquilegia seedheads. I read an article on cut flowers and the florist had used them so I thought I would try them. They do look nice. I picked the Alchemilla and Nepeta 5 days ago but they still look good so I put them back in the vase.

I went to the BBC Gardeners World Live show at the NEC in Birmngham yesterday. The only plant on my list was a scented leaved pelargonium to add to my cutting garden. I bought 'Lady Plymouth' ( on the left of the picture above) and 'Mabel Grey', both from a specialist grower who had several varieties. I also bought Matthiola from another nursery, this is a perennial white stock. I grew this a few years ago but it died. I don't know why it has taken me this long to replace it, it has a lovely scent. I also bought some seeds which were being sold off, Scabious 'Border Mixed' and Nigella papillosa. Both good for cutting. The Scabious is similar to Scabiosa 'Perfecta Blue' which I have recently bought, and is pictured below.


  1. Hi Gill
    JUst came across your blog when i saw you as a new follower on Blooming Green Flowers. I love you bog. I have started doing cut flowers myself this year. Made myself a jug of flowers as you have for the kitchen, unfortunatly i look out over the drive, so it has brightened up my view. Getrude Jekyll rose has the most beautiful scent i want more in my garden next year. I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Rachel.

  3. For some reason your blog has been listed in the 'new June blogs' on Blotanical:

    Although your Blotanical plot says you've been a member since November.

    Anyway, nice to be made aware of a blog from the Midlands.

  4. Robur, I submitted my monthly diary from my website in November but it did not fit Blotanicals criteria.

  5. Dear Gill, I loved your arrangement of garden flowers. Utterly charming. Fresh sprigs, taken from one's own borders and casually arranged, are in so many ways so much more acceptable than those rather stiff bouquets from the florist.

    I have much enjoyed your posting and so am adding myself as a 'Follower'.

  6. Hi Gill, I also have a cutting garden, it is so nice to pick some flowers from the garden, really brightens up the house. I look forward to reading what varities you are planting to cut.
    Welcome to Blotanical.

  7. I love your little brick path in your pretty garden. I try to do a cottage garden style as well. But HOT here to work much in it lately, good luck ! Gina

  8. Thank you all for writing. It is very hot here so I am not doing too much gardening.

  9. I came across your blog on the blotanical website and I'm really enjoying it. I'll be back to visit again. The brick walkway is just gorgous.

  10. It may be hot but your pics look very refreshing. I feel as if I have brushed against dew drenched roses. I've fallen in love with scabiosa. Always avoided it because the name is so ugly but impulse bought a plant on sale at home base this spring. Dibbled it in and it has flowered non stop for months and been covered in bees.