Sunday, 5 September 2010

A visit to a garden show and potting seedlings.

Yesterday my sister and I went to the annual Garden Show in Kings Heath park in Birmingham. We like going to this event, it's a friendly show in a lovely environment. We bought lots of plants, looked in the marquees at vegetables and flowers, picked up some information about wildlife, and had a picnic lunch in the warm sunshine. We had a great day.


Today I have been potting up some of the seedlings from the seeds sown a month ago (in the green trays). The seedlings all had their first set of 'real' leaves but I wasn't expecting the good root growth they had all made. I keep all my seedlings off the ground because of the slugs.

Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'
The hydrangea has been in this vase for a week. I really like its simplicity.

The cutting garden is slowing down. The Larkspur have finished, the Clary are nearly done. I am leaving the Nigella so that I can have seed pods.
A dark scabious self-sown in the brick path with Aster frikartti 'Monch' in the background

I have a vase of Aster frikartti on my window sill but it hasn't photographed well. It looks very airy and light. I'll try to photograph it again.

A job for the coming week will be to dig out all the forget-me-not and stipa tenuissima seedlings from the brick path and plant them in the borders. I will also be dividing plants to take to the environmental centre.

Incidentally, one of the plants I bought at the show is a chocolate mint. It smells like those peppermint creams that are covered in chocolate.


  1. I love going to garden shows. Your seedlings look very happy. Your garden must be very beautiful because the combinations of blooms are lovely in your banner.

  2. I love Hydrangeas too! If I had space I'd plant so much more. Your garden looks great. Have a wonderful week!