Sunday, 14 November 2010

Garden Birds

I am pleased my garden  birds are back. At least I thought they were 'my' birds but it appears from last weeks episode of  'Autumnwatch' that they are probably new birds who have migrated from other climes. Either way I am glad they are here.

Young Greenfinch
This young Greenfinch appeared in our garden a couple of weeks ago. He (or she) was solitary and spent most of the time on the bird table, either eating or just sitting quietly ignoring the other birds who visited the table. We haven't seen him this week so we presume he has found the rest of his family.

Great Tit

I bought this birdbath with me when we moved here over 14 years ago. It cost very little and the birds love it. I did buy them a decorative one which cost quite a lot of money but they wouldn't go near it. It has since succumbed to frost.

I love having Blackbirds in the garden. They are quite at this time of year but in the Spring their song is so beautiful. They love rummaging for worms but also they also like the berries from the Rowan and Cotoneaster. They do visit the birdtable occasionally especially if I have put out apple or fruitcake crumbs.

All of the photographs were taken by my partner with his new camera. It has a longer lens than mine so better for bird photography. They were all taken through windows. We keep the cameras handy so that we can make the most of any opportunity.


  1. I love watching the birds coming into the garden. It is always so exciting when I see a new bird visit that may be passing through that I have never saw before. The Greenfinch is so pretty.

  2. These are really nice shots of the birds. It's really great to see birds all over the garden.

  3. we love our birds!
    on very cold days if you put out some halves of apples you may well get a fieldfare~they are very like thrushes/mistlethrushes but much larger and quite rare. we had one visit last winter for the aplles.