Sunday, 28 November 2010


The first snow of the season fell yesterday morning. Only a light scattering but temperatures have been freezing or below so it is still lying.
The view from my kitchen door.
 The snow has made some colours and shapes really stand out.
Rosa glauca hips
The hips of Rosa glauca appear from August. The birds don't eat them so they last a long time. This rose is one of my favourite plants.

Stipa tenuissima
I love the pale colour of Stipa tenuissima in winter and in particular against snow.

Lonicera nitida

I have several small leaved evergreen plants including Escallonias and loniceras. They add a touch of green in winter and look very pretty covered in frost and snow.

Achillea 'Apple Blossom' growing through Stipa tenuissima in summer.....
......and in winter.
I have always preferred plants that earn their keep in the garden.This Achillea growing through Stipa looks good in summer and winter.


  1. What a beautiful place!! The snow is absolutely wonderful and so are your pics. What a nice surprise to have outside your window! I do miss it sometimes.

  2. The snow looks so pretty on the berries and grasses.I am just not ready for this winter stuff. LOL!

  3. Yes winter seems to have come a bit early this year, at least it gives us more time for blogging

  4. Thank you all for commenting. It is a bit strange to have snow so early. At least here in Birmingham we haven't been to badly affected. -9oC tonight!