Sunday, 14 August 2011

Flowers for August

Before I started growing flowers for cutting, August was a very lean month for flowers in my garden. Not any more.

The gap next to the path is where the Rhodanthe was growing. They ran out of steam, possibly due to the dry weather. I have pulled them out.

This is one of the Scabious I've grown from seed. Despite the cold weather it overwintered well.I can't remember which variety it is. I haven't cut it yet so I will report back on its usefulness in a vase.

Aster frikartii 'Monch' is one of my very favourite flowers.  I love daisy type flowers and this is such a lovely colour. It flowers for weeks. It was originally by the shed but outgrew the space. I am pleased it likes its new home.

I haven't grown Fennel before. I bought it for the foliage and  I had expected to take off the flowers when they appeared as I thought they were very bright. Now they are flowering I quite like them, and so do the hoverflies.

 Echinops ritro grown from seed several years ago. A great plant.

These daisies were given to me several years ago. They do grow quite tall and a heavy shower of rain a couple of weeks ago made some of the fall to the ground. I ignored this for a while but it is annoying me now so I have have cut them. I thought they would look good in this charity shop vase...
 .... I tried single stems too.

Belinda at Wild Acre has published her list of favourite flowers for growing and cutting. I shall be making notes.


  1. Your echinops is so much bluer than mine, I love it's color.

    And I still haven't grown scabiosas, but as a florist I can tell you they have a long vase life.

    now I'm off to google hoverflies...

    xo Jane

  2. The Scabious is gorgeous and it needs a prettier name!

  3. Thank you both for your comments.

    Jane, I am glad it lasts in a vase, it is so beautiful.

  4. What do you mean that your garden is in bad shape now? It is lovely. Come visit in Central Virginia if you want terrible, or we can both go to... Texas! Seriously, your flowers are lovely. I can hardly wait for Belinda's next post. I really am going to try some cutting flowers for 2012. Such fun!

  5. I love the daisies in the blue glass. Classic.