Monday, 31 October 2011

Flowers in the House

Jane is kindly hosting Flowers in the House.

Euporatium rugosa  'Chocolate'
I moved this dark leaved Euporatium in the Spring. I had planted it close to the house and it did not seem happy. It has only been moved a few feet but it has made a huge difference as it's new home is damper. I haven't been able to pick it for a vase before as there have only been one or two flowers.

Scented leaf Pelargoniums
These Pelargoniums have been in the garden all summer. They are not hardy so I have moved them to the sunny warm porch. I lost the ones I had last year which I kept in the garage.

Three weeks ago I wrote about preserving leaves in glycerine. The leaves are now a lovely chocolate colour and I am especially pleased with the berries.

 I'm not sure how to display them yet although I am thinking about a terracotta pot.

A new purchase from a charity shop. I think summery alchemilla and roses will look good in it next year.


  1. The pinks vase is gorgeous you're right roses would be perfect!

  2. The preserved leaves are really beautiful!

  3. I love the berries Gill,
    actually I love everything!!

    Lovely blog, I'm off now to have a proper read of it.

    Hope you are having a good Monday


  4. I love this post. Your berries are smashing and chocolate eupatorium is a favorite of mine.

    Thanks for joining in and don't be too spooked tonight:)

    xo Jane

  5. Hello Gill, thankyou so much for popping in and leaving lovely comments. Your flowers are lovely, especially the preserved ones. I have been doing a little of that myself, it's very satisfying isn't it? Love Linda x Oh I nearly forgot, your header is wonderful!

  6. Always a delicate treat visiting you.

  7. What gorgeous Fall bouquets!