Monday, 2 May 2011

May Day in the garden

The early hardy geraniums such as g. sylvaticum 'Mayflower', g. sylvaticum alba and g. macrorrhizum are in flower.

The Rowan is in full flower. By the end of August these will be berries, a favourite of the Blackbirds.

I bought this tree peony 'Cardinal Vaughan' two years ago. This year, for the first time, it has one flower. The petals look like crumpled silk. I can't wait until it opens.
These are flowers I picked from the garden a week ago, they still look good.


  1. The tree peony is SO lovely. I desperately want to grow one, but have killed the two I tried. What advice can you give on environment? thanks.

  2. So that's what those craneblls are called. Thanks for the ID.

    I don't know what a rowan is, but i'm off to find out.

    It's May!

    xo Jane

  3. Webb, I chose this tree peony because I liked the picture on the label. I haven't done anything in particular to it apart from making sure it didn't dry out during the first summer. My soil is clay and the garden faces north although the plant gets afternoon sun. Kelways Plants are experts in peonies, you may find some help on their website:

    Good luck

    Jane, rowan is a tree, it's also known here as Mountain ash. I planted it a few months after we moved here but the label has long gone. I think it is Sorbus aucuparia. I had it in my previous garden, it's a great tree for a small space. I will find some other photographs to post

    Sorbus Aucuparia

  4. It is so great out in the gardens right now! Beautiful pics!

  5. Love all the geraniums Gill, the 'Walter's gift' you gave me has its first buds on it. Our Rowan hasnt flowered again but is only two years old. I am also thinking of getting a tree paeonie but i need to get the pond in first so i can sort out the borders. Can't wait to see your garden in full flower.