Sunday, 22 May 2011

This week in the garden

The garden has a look of early summer, I keep having to remind myself it is still only May.

A shower of rain overnight has made the Alchemilla look very pretty. The raindrops resemble little glass beads.

Alchemilla mollis

I am fond of Hardy geraniums (Cranesbills) and so are the bees. The blue flowers look good with the Alchemilla, and most have nice leaves.

Geranium possibly magnificum. 
Geranium, possibly 'Johnsons Blue'

I recently bought this rose bowl from a charity shop. It has a wire top to hold up the flowers. Its very pretty but it has occurred to me that it is best for a table centre rather than my window sill.
Rosa 'Aloha' and Alchemilla mollis.
I always have a small vase for any bits and pieces. In the photograph, there is pink 'Pimpernella' which I trod on and broke in the garden, a Sweet William (Dianthus) which broke from a bunch bought for me, and tiny alchemilla stems from those in the rose bowl above. The foliage is from Jaminum nudiflorum, it has been in the vase for weeks.


  1. I love your little arrangements. Have started doing more of them, too. Somewhere I have a vase of Mother's with the wire grid on top - need to dig it out and use it!

  2. Very Lovely your gardens must be beautiful.Lesley x

  3. Your garden is so pretty, it is how I would like mine to look but somehow never does.

  4. Charming arrangements and a beautiful blue geranium. Still dry in the south.