Monday, 6 June 2011

Flowers in the House

Jane at smalbutcharming is hosting Flowers in the House.

 Nearly all the roses in the garden are out. This bowl has Gertrude Jekyll, Felicia, Aloha, The Mayflower, English Miss and Sweet Juliet. They are all scented, with Gertrude Jekyll being the best.

I like Sweet William (Dianthus). I sowed seed last summer to have some in the garden but a combination of too late in the year and the winter meant they didn't do very well. I bought these from the supermarket.

 My partner took this photograph of a Chrysanthemum, part of a bunch given to me by my sister.

I still have a little jug of broken bits.


  1. So lovely, Sweet William are such a pretty flower and they look particularly good in that little patterned jug.

  2. Your roses look good enough to eat and I'm a sucker for sweet william.

    I was hoping you would join us. Sweet, sweet pictures.

    xo Jane

  3. Now I'm really in love with sweet William and pinks, and carnations! Such rose bounty!

  4. Such pretty roses! I can smell them from here. And that picture of the chrysanthemum (thank goodness for spell checker!) is lovely. Kudos to your partner.

  5. So lovely! I can almost smell the roses. And the Sweet Williams truly are sweet.

  6. The roses are lovely, I'm finding that the roses in my garden are bigger this year.. x

  7. Hi,

    I particularly love the Rose vase, I've ordered myself a couple yesterday; Harlow Carr and Susan Williams-Ellis to add to my collection... I have quite a few roses in the front garden that were here before I moved in and I've no idea what their names are, but there's two stunning whites (I think one might be Iceberg)

  8. Hello everyone, thank you so much for your comments.

  9. Hello!

    I've moved to S Africa from the South Coast of England. If there is one plant I could smuggle over it would be R. Gertrude Gekyll. Miss it so much, the colour, the scent..... Oh and peonies - seems to be completely impossible to find peonies here - even though they'd grow brilliantly!
    Gorgeous Garden by the way!

  10. Hi looks beautiful thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh my, all these pictures are oh so lovely! And the roses! Ooooohhh the roses! Just wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Yes, Gertrude Jekyll roses are the best, and all the roses look lovely together in your arrangement. I am now following...

    ciao from Newport Beach