Sunday, 26 June 2011

Today in the garden

Today is the hottest day of the year, in to the high 20's c. Lots of sun and a blue sky.

I'll take you on a walk around the garden to look at a few highlights for late June.

Rosa 'English Miss'
The roses have all been flowering well. This 'English Miss' rose is one I bought from a local greengrocer for a pittance. It has a lovely scent. I have also found it lasts well in a vase, around 5 days.

Lavenders don't usually do well in my clay north facing soil. I have lost count of the number I have lost. I planted this one next to a path and placed stones at the bottom of the planting hole to try to improve drainage. It must have worked because it came through the winter as did another lavender I have.

Astrantia, possibly 'Snowstar'

Astrantias are a favourite of mine. This is one of three in the garden. One of its common names is 'Hatties pincushion'.

I was given this Feverfew a few months ago. I think it is probably  Tanacetum parthenium. It has pretty leaves as well as flowers.

Rhodanthe 'Timeless Rose'
This is the first of my cutting garden plants to flower. I have grown this Rhodanthe for drying. The odd thing is it has very papery flowers already. Very pretty and delicate.

Before I finish I must tell you about the pair of woodpeckers visiting our garden. They appeared a couple of weeks ago and we wondered if they were passing through but they have visited the fat feeder in the Rowan every day.

Tomorrow Jane at smallbutcharming is hosting Flowers in the House. Always a treat to look at everyone's flowers.


  1. Very nice. And the fever few is one Ive seen but never bought or knew the name for.Well Im off to research it! Have a good week.

  2. As always, I’m impatient for lusher greenery, particularly since these pups are so visible in my living area. Someday soon I’ll pop in some more established plants. So nice collection glad to see.
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