Sunday, 19 June 2011

A visit to a garden show

I went to the BBC Gardeners World Live show last week. Show gardens; displays and best of all, the RHS Floral Marquee full of small nurseries. Here are some of my highlights.

These two show gardens caught my eye. The Bodgery ....

...and 'Remember the Dream'. This had lovely planting. I like these obelisks.

I enjoyed the Birmingham Borders. This is a section for horticultural students and new garden designers. They are very tiny. 'A Sensory Retreat' was a quiet beautiful garden.

This was called 'Tea and Tranquility'

I also bought a few plants.

Snapdragons seem to like my garden. I saw this in the Floral Marquee. I was so happy to have the last one, I forgot to make sure there was a label. I can't remember the name or which nursery I bought it from.

I am so pleased to have found Erodium manescavii. This will replace the one I lost during the winter. Its a great plant with divided textured leaves and flowers which keep going until the frosts.

Briza media 'Russells' is a variegated form of 'Quaking Grass'. The 'flower' stem got broken on the way home but I am sure there will be more to replace it. Very delicate and pretty.

Another fern to add to my collection, Arachniodes standishii. The nursery said they rarely have enough stock to have some to sell. I have never heard of it. I am not sure where it is going to be planted yet.

Finally, I bought a hardy geranium from Hardy's, g.pyrenaicum 'Isparta'. It has round scalloped leaves with small lilac flowers on long stems.


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