Sunday, 17 July 2011

More from the cutting garden

More plants have flowered since my last blog.

This vase was bought for 50p from a charity shop and contains hardy annuals from the garden'

One of the flowers in the vase above is this fab Sweet Pea called 'Midnight'. It has a strong scent and long stems. I highly recommend it.

 Another favourite is 'Nelly Viner'. This is also scented (I cannot see the point of unscented Sweet Peas) and long stems.

I am having trouble keeping Larkspur going. I am wondering if I don't water them enough.

This is a new one for this year, Godetia amoena Memoria. I really like, and it seems to last well in the vase.

I am still waiting for Cosmos 'Dazzler' to flower, as well as the Nigellas.


  1. love everything ~ charming photo's! hope to see you at Fishtail Cottage Garden Party this week?!? xoxo, tracie

  2. So pretty. I thought the larkspur was delphinium - neither grows well here, altho I did plant larkspur this year. Nothing yet, but I am hopeful.

    Glad to see how successful you are.