Monday, 25 July 2011

Flowers in the House

Jane is hosting Flowers in the House. I am looking forward to visiting everyones houses.

As always, my main display is on my kitchen windowsill.
 Also on the windowsill are my bits jugs bought from charity shops. Some of the bits now have roots on them so I will be potting them up.

A work colleague kindly bought me some pinks from her garden. These little buds broke off so they are in this tiny jug.
I have various petals and leaves drying in a darkish corner.
Various flowers and seedheads are drying in the garage.
I bought these Larkspur from the supermarket.

The Larkspur in my garden are dying. I have three plants, another is looking very sickly. I will only have two left. Does anyone know what's wrong with them?  The leaves start to drop and turn yellow. The flowers also droop and don't come out properly. The whole plant then dies. Pictures below.


  1. Gil, I always love to see what you've done with your flowers.

    Your containers so desirable and the flowers arranged in such a charming way.

    Our larkspur was an embarrassment this year. I have no advice. I was just happy when it was time to cut mine down:)

    What will you do with the dried flowers?

    xo Jane

  2. I love the way you put them all together.Beautiful!

  3. Lovely flowers, I love your idea of a bits jug, I'm always knocking bits off plants so will be trying that, you never know what will take :) x

  4. I love what you're drying! so pretty. what's the yellow stuff?
    I wish the larkspur at the Market was as pretty as what you bought.

  5. Wish I could help with the larkspur. Mine never came up at all.

  6. Jane, I'll be making some hoops. I made a couple last year so I am going to try something a bit more ambitious. Whether it will work is another matter.

    Comeca, thank you

    Bow Street Flowers, the yellow is Alchemilla mollis.

    The bits jugs are a prettier version of jam jars I have always had on my windowsill. I will write a separate post about them with some photographs

  7. Your garden makes mine look like such a mess! If I did had the time and the skill I would want a garden just like yours. I love that Sweet Pea, such a lovely colour. I suppose I am too late to plant one now... ah well.

  8. Valerie

    It is too late for this year but you could sow sweet peas in the autumn for next year. I grow easy things that don't take too much looking after.

  9. Gill..your garden doesn't look so small at all and your flowers are lovely. Lots of luck with the cutting garden. Looks like a success already.

  10. Greetings from another Jane :-) I am in Yorkshire but my daughters share a house with a small garden in Birmingham; doesn't look quite like yours though! I love your banner - really pretty - and there are lots of inspirational ideas here. I'll be back!
    Jane Gray