Thursday, 8 July 2010

In my garden

The seeds I sowed earlier in the year are now starting to flower. The Crepis is lovely. It has 'dandelion' type flowers with serrated leaves. The warm dry weather we are continuing to have does not seem to bother it at all. I have cut it for a vase, it lasts a week but it does close up at night. I can live with that.

Another favourite combination in my garden - Alchemilla mollis and Geranium 'Brookside'. Both are hardy, long flowering and have decorative leaves. They are also easy to look after and don't get any pests or diseases.
I am not that keen on the large midsummer Clematis but I do like this one, 'Comte de Buchard'. It does have largish flowers but they have a slightly ruffled edge. The petals are a soft pink, and I like the way the buds point upwards.

I have picked some Alchemilla to dry for winter. I have done this successfully in the past but I have almost left it too late as some of it is starting to go over. I have tied it with some fine wire which I will tighten as it dries. I have it in a room that doesn't get any sun to preserve the colour.

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