Sunday, 25 July 2010

Seed collecting and sowing

With the garden looking after itself  I have been able to do some seed collecting and sowing. A couple of years ago I planted Lychnis coronaria in my front garden. It has appeared again this year at the bottom of the wall dividing the garden from the pavement. I'd forgotten how nice it is. I have collected the seed to sow in the garden.
Another surprise addition is this lilac poppy with a purple blotch. The flower only lasts a day or so but I like the seed heads. I am drying some stems for winter use, they are hung upside down in the garage with a paper bag underneath to catch the seed.

I have been sowing seed for next years plants. Lunaria annua var variegata (Honesty) is a lovely variety of a plant I'm normally not too keen on. I was reminded of it when I was looking through some old photographs. I have also sown Dianthus barbatus Single Flowered Albus (Sweet William) and Erysimum 'Ivory Giant' (Wallflower) for late spring flowers. Both are scented. There will be plenty for the garden and a vase. I don't have to worry about sowing Digitalis purpurea or Myosotis sylvatica 'Deep Blue Tower' as they both seed themselves. I will move them to their flowering positions in the autumn.

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