Thursday, 29 July 2010


The Larkspur in this photograph are 14 days old. I bought them from the supermarket after picking them up, deciding they were too expensive, putting them down and then going back and putting them in my basket. There were masses of stems so there is another vase of them in the kitchen. They are so pretty, they have a pale green strip on each petal.
They are dying prettily too. The petals drop like pink confetti. I took them out of the jug to re-cut the stems and petals fell everywhere. I gathered them up and put them on a plate in a dark corner to see if they will dry and keep their colour. The mauve petals are from the larkspur in my own garden.
I am slightly disappointed as I ordered seeds for dark blue.I am presume they were mislabeled but the company I bought them from have given me a credit for a packet next year. These are very pretty and I do like the colour. The foliage is nice too, very fine ferny-type leaves.


  1. Dear Gill, How wise you were to return and purchase these very pretty flowers. They look particularly attractive as you have arranged them, en masse in a country jug. Lovely

  2. I love Larkspur and think they look fantastic when grouped together in a vase or jug like you have. Enjoy them till their last day!

  3. Hello Edith and Kate

    Thank you for your comments. I am really pleased with the Larkspur and I shall be growing lots more next year.

  4. Hi Gill,
    Hubby & I drove to the city last week - and I was on a mission to find pink larkspur at a favorite nursery. I didn't find any, but settled (ha-ha, settled!) for yellow foxglove.
    Pink larkspur is so beautiful! I will have to try growing some indoors from seed before next summer - so I can enjoy them up close! Yours are gorgeous!
    Thank you for visiting my blog - I just joined yours as a 'Follower' and hope to pop by for a little visit often!

  5. Hi Zuzu

    The larkspur lasted nearly three weeks. I've never seen the plants for sale and I don't remember seeing the cut flowers before. Its a shame because they are such lovely flowers.