Tuesday, 10 August 2010

In my garden in August

All the hardy annuals I've grown are flowering except for the Ammi which has gone over. The ones I'm most pleased with are the Cosmos, Larkspur, Scabious, Clary and Nigella. I'll be growing these again next year. I'm disappointed with the Nicotiana, I thought it was scented but I can't detect any perfume. The Ammi hasn't done as well as I had hoped. I took some to the environmental centre where it is in a warm dry spot and it has done really well. I'll try a different spot next year.
A jug of annuals grown from seed
I have planted a plain and variegated sage for cutting next year. I also bought some mint seedlings back from the environmental centre to grow in a pot. I'm experimenting with different foliage to see what else works.After scouring lists I planted 'White Gold' and 'English Miss' roses but they only last two or three days in a vase. Perhaps that's the best I can hope for in a rose. They are beautiful though and smell lovely.

'English Miss' rose with sweet peas and scented leaves
Elsewhere in my garden, I have Achillea 'Apple Blossom' growing through Stipa tenuissima.This is a planting combination I admired at a garden show a few years ago and it always looks nice.
Achillea 'Apple Blossom growing through Stipa tenuissima
I have been updating my website. I have given it a fresher look and uploaded photographs to my plant lists. I am now finding plants have gone over that I forgot to photograph. I seem to have hardly any of the ferns and they are looking a bit autumnal already. This may be due to the dry weather.

I haven't seen many butterflies this summer. I wonder if the cold winter affected them? The only ones around are Hedge Browns and various Whites. No Red Admirals, Painted Ladies or Peacocks.
Hedge Brown on Sidalcea

The Swifts /Swallows/House Martins ( I have never been able to tell which they are) have departed for warmer climes. The nights are drawing in and the berries on the rowan are red. Still there's more to come in the garden and there is also a local garden show to look forward to on 4 September.


  1. Dear Gill, How very attractive your bunches of flowers from the garden are in the vases. You have obviously had a great deal of success with your annuals. I think that they are worth the trouble as the fill a difficult gap in the season.

    The combination of the Achillea and Stipa is absolutely lovely.

  2. Your bouquets as so very pretty - with that Achillea and Stipa, it's obvious you have a good eye for arrangements, in and out of the flower vase


  3. Beautiful arrangements and photographs! I enjoy reading about the combinations you've tried. The white Achillea grow wild here - your Apple Blossom Achillea are gorgeous!
    Happy day to you,

  4. Thank you all for your comments.